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bunion on the big toe (red bump)

What is a bunion?
A bunion is often described as a red bump on the side of the big toe. The bump actually is a sign of a change in the bony structures that arises from the leaning over of the big toe toward the second toe.

Symptoms of a bunion.

Symptoms occur at the site of the bunion and include pain, redness and inflammation.

What are the causes?

Bunions can either be caused (or triggered) by wearing the wrong type of shoes (that crowd) or by an inherited faulty structure of the bony framework of the foot.


The symptoms of bunion may improve by wearing the right kind of shoes (no pointed toes or high heels!) but they often will not resolve the problem completely. In those cases, surgical options may be considered.

bunion on the big toe (red bump)

bunion on the big toe (red bump)

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